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Automatic Tundish Spraying Unit with Mixing Pump, Manipulator and Walking Car

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Tundish spraying by spray manipulator
5-axles spray manipulator type RG09
Energy chain for electric, water and air

The automatic Tundish spraying unit ESTROMAT 450 is processing dry premixed undish spraying masses in Big Bags. The unit consists of a walking car on rails, the mixing and spraying unit ESTROMAT 426 and a programmable 5-axle manipulator. The unit is able to find the correct spraying position up to 10 Tundishs automatically with the help of its computer control. The screw pump of the mixing unit is PLC- and FQcontrolled which allows homogenous layers.

Technical Data

  • Spraying output : 25-60 l/min
  • Conveying pressure : max. 30 bar
  • Sprayarea of the manipulator : L x B x T: 6 x 2 x 1,8m
  • Quality of spray materials : 1,5–2,2 kg/dm³, 0-2mm
  • Operating voltage : 400V/50Hz three phase
  • Total current consumption : 25 kW
  • Walking car L x B H : 9,5 x 3 x 1m
  • Walking speed : 0 – 30m/min
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